Writings on the Bible and New Media

New media and digital technology are changing the ways people encounter and talk about sacred texts. These articles offer my reflections on some implications for biblical interpretation, preaching, and interfaith relations.

Studying Sacred Texts Online to Encounter Another View of God
The Parliament Blog (Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions)
January 11, 2012
Online resources for exploring sacred texts do more than help us see what religious groups believe. They help us understand how people believe, and how they live out their religious commitments.

Theological Expertise in the Digital Age
New Media Project at Union Theological Seminary
January 10, 2012
Now that new technology brings so much information to people, it’s time to ask more from scholars who serve the church. We help people evaluate the flood of information, and we need to make the conversations about that information more vibrant and even urgent.

New Media Make the Bible More Accessible; Bible-Readers, Too
New Media Project at Union Theological Seminary
November 16, 2011
Online biblical commentary can and should be different from the biblical commentary that accompanied printed Bibles. This post describes the potential of the ON Scripture project to help people make connections between the Bible and their lived experiences.

Online Tools Enriching the Study of Sacred Text
(coauthored with Joshua M. Z. Stanton)
Common Ground News Service (and elsewhere, including On Being Blog)
November 8, 2011
Online articles that explore ways of interpreting a biblical text can teach and encourage Christians. Can they also contribute to interreligious understanding? Josh Stanton and I say yes.

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