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I don’t preach in a congregation every Sunday, so it’s probably not hard to find a thousand other pastors who understand better than I do the challenges of preaching regularly. But I pay a lot of attention to sermons and how they can help a congregation enter into deep and creative engagement with the Bible. These videos offer some of my thoughts on the matter.

Preaching Familiar Texts
Working Preacher
February 26, 2012
Familiar biblical texts, especially those that appear each year in a lectionary, often pose challenges for preachers. How might our sermons encourage people to explore new dimensions of these well known passages?

Interview with Peter Wallace
Day 1
August 25, 2011
Peter Wallace, host of Day1, interviewed me about the Bible, preaching, and the creativity involved in bringing people into a meaningful engagement with scripture.

Preaching Children’s Sermons
Working Preacher
July 4, 2010
Children’s sermons are tougher than they look. How can preachers do a better job of using these to speak authentically to the young people in their congregations?

Varying the Structure of Sermons
Working Preacher
May 23, 2010
The structure of a sermon matters for how people understand it. Here I suggest ways for preachers to vary the organization of their sermons, not just to keep things fresh, but to embody the movement and rhetoric of a biblical text.

Preaching the Gospel Text on Easter Sunday
Working Preacher
March 28, 2010
Everyone knows what the preacher is going to talk about on Easter morning. How can a sermon take people into a gospel text in creative and engaging ways on this important day?

Preaching During Advent
Working Preacher
November 22, 2009
Here I offer reflections on the distinctive opportunities the season of Advent presents to preachers. My focus in the video is especially on the first chapters of Luke’s Gospel.

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