I teach about a wide variety of topics related to the New Testament and how to read it. Here are titles of some of the presentations I’ve made to groups in recent years:

  • “Not Your Father’s Bible”: Reading Scripture with Theological Imagination
  • Does the Bible Tell Us What to Believe?
  • If Jesus Is Lord, Then Who Are We?  New Testament Perspectives on How the Early Church Understood Its Place in the World
  • Will I Be Left Behind?
  • Where Did Our Bible Come From?
  • The Roman Empire and the Kingdom of God
  • The Trial Narratives: What Jesus’ Trial Tells Us about Him and the World
  • Biblical Interpretation and New Media
  • A Walk through the New Testament
  • Preaching and Interpreting the Parables
  • Jesus in the Gospel according to Matthew
  • Preaching the Gospel according to Mark in a Postmodern World
  • Wealth, Poverty, and Giving: A View from the Gospel according to Luke
  • Leadership, Ministry, and the Word of God: Lessons from the Book of Acts
  • Introduction to the Life and Letters of Paul
  • Paul and His World: A Theological Exploration of the Apostle and What He Believed
  • Bought with a Price: Body, Self, and Wealth in the Corinthian Congregation
  • Jesus and the Gospels: A Crash Course on Recent Biblical Scholarship That’s Worth Knowing
  • The “Other Gospels”: An Introduction to “Gnostic” Writings and What They Tell Us about Early Christianity

Of course, I’m willing to teach on many additional topics related to the Bible and its interpretation, based on the needs of an event and audience. For more information about my public speaking, please visit my Speaking page or contact me directly.

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