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Summary: The story Matthew tells about Herod the Great, the king who slaughters children in an attempt to rid the world of the newborn Messiah, offers preachers a valuable opportunity to explore evil. The arrival of Jesus Christ should lead us to more than joy and adoration; it should also make us reflect on the ways in which we resist God’s presence and intentions. Like Herod, we are often more comfortable with the way things are. The arrival of Jesus is inconvenient. It will throw things into disarray. We may be asked to surrender our illusions of security and privilege. The values that Herod instills in us are the opposite of the values that we discover in the reign of God.

I wrote this article for those preparing to preach or hear sermons on Matthew 2:13-23. It was originally a contribution to the “Dear Working Preacher” series. Read the full article at Working Preacher.

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Summary: The Gospel according to Luke begins unlike any other Gospel. Describing the miraculous conceptions and births of John the Baptizer and Jesus, the opening chapters bring promises and yearnings from the Old Testament into conversation with the new things God is doing. They direct us to read the Gospel in light of how the people of God have come to understand who God is, drawing on old traditions and language. They characterize Jesus’ coming as the advent of God’s promised and hoped-for future.

Read the full article, and listen to an accompanying podcast, in the “Everything You Wanted to Know about the Bible but Were Afraid to Ask” section of EnterTheBible.

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Summary: In this biblical passage, the Letter to Titus asserts that God saves us through Jesus because of God’s “goodness and loving kindness.” The Revised Common Lectionary assigns this passage for Christmas Day.

I wrote this biblical commentary for those preparing to preach or teach on the passage. Read the commentary at Working Preacher.

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