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Summary: This article is more academic than most of the other things I’ve written that are accessible on the Web. It offers a basic overview of the Apostle Paul’s letters, especially some of the theological convictions that inform what he wrote. To read Paul’s letters properly is to understand that Paul wrote as a pastor seeking to offer care to communities and to understand Paul’s enduring Jewish faith–a faith not replaced but transformed by his experience of Jesus Christ.

Read the full article from the journal Word & World. It was originally published in the Fall 2010 issue.

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Summary: James Wood wrote an op-ed in The New York Times, reflecting on the Haiti earthquake of January 12, 2010. I thought the op-ed deserved a response, so I wrote this. Disasters tend to evoke bad theology, especially when we assume a God who is too distant from the groans and struggles of our existence. In our desire to explain God and God’s motives, we risk banishing mystery from our theologies.

Read the full article on Working Preacher.

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